Gala Night 2022 - Do We Dream or Do We Dare?

On the evening of 22 February Gala Night will usher in a vision for the world, as imagined, through the eyes of our next generation. Garden House children will offer up the challenge, in what kind of world do we want to live?’
In concert, through the universal power of music, they shall set out an ambitious charter, crafted by the children themselves. Asking not why but why not. Why not protect women's education in Afghanistan. Why not halt deforestation, cleanse our oceans, build sustainable industry and promote the arts? Raising voices, hearts and minds, as our children look to the future with bravery, tenacity and vision.
Pricing & Timings
£35, price including concert programme.
22 February, doors open 17:00pm, concert commences 18:00pm, curtain close 19:00pm.
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Garden House School students 11 piece chamber ensemble (trumpet, trombone, horn, clarinet (sax), flute, electric guitar, bass, piano, synth, two percussionists,  Mrs Gemma Emson-Jukes (Head of Music). Children preforming are JS -US2.